6 Tips on Submitting Your Articles to Directories

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6 Tips on Submitting Your Articles to Directories

Article directory submission has helped many webmasters to attain a high ranking position on the internet. By submitting articles to directories, you can get a lot of referral sales. Many companies regularly submit articles to the directories to increase the exposure to their business. When your article is published, people from around the world can have access to it as long as they have internet connection. Traditional media advertising is becoming less popular because they are very expensive and less efficient.

Submitting Informative Article

If you want your article to get noticed, it must be informative. You should not use promotional words in the article. If the article is self promotional, people will be reluctant to read it. You can write an article that is related to the products or services which you are promoting. If the article is not related, the visitor will not visit your website. People like to read informational article so you should write them.

Hiring a Copywriter to Write the Article

If you hire a copywriter to write the article, make sure the author transfer the right to you. If the author did not transfer the right to you, you must use the author name as the pen name . It is important to give credit to the author to prevent copyright infringement. It is recommended that you don’t use PLR article in the article directory submission. PLR articles are sold in multiple copies so many people already own them. If you want to publish a PLR article, make sure you rewrite them so that the article is copyscape passed. If you are rewriting an article, you should check it with copyscape before submitting it.

Article Must Be in Good English

The article must be written in proper language. If the article has a long of spelling error, you must correct them before submitting it to the article directories. Before submitting to the article directories, you should read the submission guidelines. The submission guideline will guide you on every aspect of the article. By referring to the submission guidelines, you will be able to increase your chance of getting approved. If you are not skilled in English, you can hire a proofreader to proofread the article. You can hire proofreader from the internet marketing forum. Many freelancer provide proofreading services at a cheap and affordable price

Keyword Density in Article

You can repeat the main keyword 3 – 4 times in the article. The main keyword should be a low competition keyword. If the keyword has high competition, it will be difficult to rank for in the search engine. High competition keywords are usually short tail keywords while low competition keywords are long tail keywords. Short tail keywords  have 1 – 3 words. Long tail keywords have 4 words and above. In order for the backlink to be counted, you must get the article indexed. You can social bookmark the article to get it indexed. You should never leave the keywords field blank. The keywords which you entered in the keyword field will be used to rank your website when a visitor performs a search within the article directory.

Resource Box

In the resource box, you can enter up to 2 links to your website. You should not include the links in the article body. If the editor find out that you include links in the article body, he will remove it. Sometimes, the editor will decline your article and let you resubmit it. It can take up extra time to resubmit the article. If you don’t want this to happen, you must never put links in the content. However, you may have up to 2 invalid links in the article body. Invalid links are links that are not clickable. An invalid link will look like this domain.com. Invalid links don’t have the front part http://www. If you include the front URL part, the link will automatically be transform to a clickable link.

Reading the Submission Guidelines

Before submitting to the article directories, make sure you read the submission guidelines. By reading the submission guidelines, you will be able to increase the approval rate of your article. If you don’t read the submission guidelines, you will have to keep resubmitting the articles. If you resubmit the articles too many times, the editor will delete it from the database.

Hiring a SEO Company to Help You in Directory Submission

If you don’t have time, you can hire the SEO company to write article and perform the submission work. The SEO company will submit the articles to the directories based on the submission guidelines. They will follow every submission guideline to make sure your article get approved in the directories. Before the SEO company submit to the directory, they will email the article to you so that you can check it. After you approve the article, the SEO company will proceed the submission work. The cost of the directory submission service depends on the number of article directories the SEO company submit. The more article directories they submit, the higher the price of the directory submission service.

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